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Johannes Lohilampi Museum

Johannes Lohilammen museo

Lohilampi Museum is a cavalry estate originating in the 18th century. The two storey main residence is thought to be from the 1770s, and stands in its original place of construction. The museum holds a comprehensive collection of rustic country-style effects as collected by the farmer, financier and cultural authority Johannes Lohilampi (1866 – 1938). The items are mainly from Western Uusimaa, and a few of the items on display belonged to Elias Lönnrot. The building also contains a sanctuary and a mobile school classroom. In addition to the main building, the grounds incorporate a combined outbuilding with a historical “granny annex”, a loft building, a stable and a carriage shed.

The old barn at the estate is utilised as a cultural and environment centre for children and young people, and is also used for temporary exhibitions.

Address: Peririnnantie 2, Sammatti

Opening Hours: 3.6. -9.8. Wen – Sun 12.00–16.00.

Enquiries: +358-(0)19-369 4204, +358-(0)19-369 1309

Entrance Fee: 2 € / 1 €.