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Högfors Blast Furnace

Högforsin masuuni

Högfors Blast Furnace, The Foundry Museum of Finland and The Workers’ Museum of Karkkila-Högfors constitute Senkka, a museum specialising in the history of the foundry industry.

Set by the stream in Karkkila, Högfors Blast Furnace shows the different stages of the manufacture of pig iron during the years 1823-1915. The Blast Furnace was the first production establishment in Högfors, and it became the centre of the thriving metal industry that developed in Karkkila. The Blast Furnace was restored by the National Board of Antiquities in 1996-2000.

Address: Tehtaanpuisto (Bremerintie), Karkkila

Opening Hours: By arrangement.

Enquiries: +358-(0)9-4258 3673


Entrance Fee: Adults 3 €, children 1 €. Combined adult ticket for the Foundry Museum, the Blast Furnace and the Workers’ Museum 5€.