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The Workers’ Home Museum offers a peek into the world of traditional workers. The museum features the homes of two craftsmen, a cobbler and a carpenter. Old professions are brought back to life with tools from the early 20th century and information on their use.
The disarmingly small homes were where people lived and worked. As a bachelor, the cobbler only needed one room that also accommodated his apprentice. Apparently, the apprentice first received no pay, but meals and accommodation were guaranteed.
The carpenter and his family had a kitchen and one room. The years before the Great Depression around 1930 were a period of financial growth, so the increased wealth showed in the family home in the form of acquisitions like a pedal sewing machine and the record player.
The museum also features a smith’s workshop and changing exhibitions. Various work demonstrations from tar burning to smithery provide a more extensive introduction into rural craft traditions.

Address Kirkkotie 21, 04300 Tuusula

E-mail tuusulantyolaiskotimuseo(at)

Phone +358 400 955 255

Opening hours
1.5.–31.8. Sat–Sun 12–16

1.6.–31.7. Tue–Sun 12–16 and Wed 18–20

Entrance fee
Adults, Children (7–17 years), Pensioners 2 €