Gallen Kallelan museo

The atelier home designed by Akseli Gallen-Kallela is a museum exhibiting the artist’s life and work. The changing exhibitions illustrate Akseli Gallen-Kallela’s works through his contemporaries and modern art.
Gallen-Kallela designed the Tarvaspää on the Laajalahti coast in Espoo as an atelier home.  The national-romantic building has features of medieval castles and Italian renaissance architecture. The magnificent house contains furniture that Gallen-Kallela designed for his home, including the cabinet of the Fall of Man and the monk’s bench stool. A keen hunter, he brought back from his travels in Africa a hippo’s and African buffalo’s skulls.
The Gallen-Kallela Museum has an archive and a reference library. The coffee shop of Tarvaspää is located in the villa of the Alberga manor house, in the premises of the museum, where the artist and his family used to live before.

Address Gallen-Kallelan tie 27, 02600 Espoo

E-mail tarvaspaa(at)gallen-kallela.fi

Phone +358 9 849 2340

Opening hours
15.5.–31.8. Daily 11–18
1.9.–14.5. Tue–Sat 11–16, Sun 11–17

Entrance fee
Adults 8 €
Pensioners and Groups 6 €
S Privilege Card holders 7 €
Students and Unemployed 4 €
Children under 18 years Free entry

Guidance by appointment. Weekdays 55 € (Finnish, Swedish, English) / 65 € (French, German, Russian)