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Join the smugglers and bootleggers at the old Suomenlinna barracks! To accomplish your mission, investigate the leads, such as spirits cans left behind by smugglers, snake skin shoes and numerous other genuine confiscated items.
Showcasing real forgeries confiscated by the Customs, the exhibition covers not only customs crime but also information related to consumer protection, dog breeding and the Customs laboratory.
Focus your watchful eye on the exhibits, photos and video material at this vast exhibition to learn more about the history and the present day of customs operations. 
In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum features a changing exhibition.

Address Suomenlinna B 20 D, 00190 Helsinki

E-mail tullimuseo(at)tulli.fi

+358 40 332 6979,
+358 40 332 2774 (Outside opening hours)

Opening hours
Tue-Sun 12.30–17.30
By Appointment in Autumn

Entrance fee
Free entry

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