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The idea of the museum came up during the founding of the Sarvisalo village house in 1992. Museum activities did not start immediately, but in due course the woodshed and sauna of a former school were renovated for the exhibition.

The larger room features the permanent exhibition, introducing the means of livelihood on the island: fishing, farming and transportation. The smaller room houses special exhibitions in the summer, showcasing new sides of the island.

Also displayed are old desks and other materials remaining from the former Härkäpää school. Other items donated to the museum include a hand mill, cobbler’s tools, a coach and agricultural tools used in Sarvisalo.

Address Sarvisalontie 1035, 07780 Sarvisalo

E-mail bo-erik.mikander(at)

Phone +358 40 525 7672

Opening hours During summer on market days or by appointment

Entrance fee Voluntary admission fee

Guiding Guidance by appointment