Pornaisten seurakunnan museo

Pornainen Parish Museum was founded 75 years ago. An empty old bell tower was deemed a suitable location for the museum, and an exhibition was put up there. Completed in 1834, the bell tower was destroyed on 10 January 1993 by a fire that also burnt most of the artefacts in the museum. The archive material and some artefacts were saved, having been moved to the museum’s current location, an exhibition space upstairs of a service building owned by the parish.

Among other things, the museum’s collection includes a selection of brass instruments that is indicative of association activities in the area. In addition to items of cultural-historical value and dating from the agrarian era, the museum holds a significant number of ecclesiastical objects from the Pornainen parish.
The framed photographs on the walls have been collected by the Pornainen association in the last decade or so. All photographs are from Pornainen, showing the daily lives and work of local people, some dating back almost a century. There is a separate list of captions.

Address Kirkkotie 138, 07170 Pornainen

Phone +358 400 514 397

Opening hours June-August Sun 11-15

Entrance fee Free entrance

Guiding Guiding usually on summer Sundays 11–15 along the presentation of the Church of Pornainen