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The exhibition begins with a black box where you can put your hands and try to experience the life of the visually impaired. Are you able to identify the five objects in the box by feeling with your hands?
At this exhibition, you are allowed to touch the exhibits! The rough-surfaced calculation tablet, worn guide dog harness and fabric girl in the tactile book all illustrate the history of everyday life and aids for the visually impaired.
A Braille edition of The Kalevala from over a century back, three-dimensional maps and skilled handicrafts tell us about education, professions and information acquisition. Visitors will be taken over by nostalgia when inspecting the clumsy but practical mechanics of typing devices from the previous millennium.
Touring the exhibition is facilitated by the tactile strip on the floor that makes the round safe. Guided tours are available, and researchers in the field are provided with information and archive services. 

Address Marjaniementie 74, 00930 Helsinki (Näkövammaisten palvelu- ja toimintakeskus Iiris, 3rd floor)

E-mail kari.huuskonen(at)

Phone +358 9 3960 4676

Opening hours Mon–Wed am 12–3 pm And By Appointment

Entrance fee Free entry

Guiding Free Guidance by appointment