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Elävän kuvan museo

The Museum of Moving Image located in the vicinity of the Kalasatama metro station captures the essence of an old film studio. The set, painted in black, is brought to life through the presentation of scenes of the decades past and the stardust of the stars of yesterday. Here, the visitors are provided the opportunity to get behind the scenes of Finnish cinematic history and to find out the essence of the captivating illusion of films.
The cameras, clipboards, and other film-making utilities and costumes tell the story of the evolution of cinema. Film projectors, electric advertisements and old-time movie posters create the lost ambiance of old movie theatres. 
Most of the paraphernalia is from the era of sound film, but there are also some mementos from the era of silent film. The miniature Cinema Illusion, magic lanterns and other objects will enchant both grown-ups and children alike.
The museum offers temporary exhibitions and an auditorium, where visitors may sit and enjoy clips related to the museum’s collections and film-making.

Address Vanha talvitie 9, 00580 Helsinki

E-mail kavi(at)kavi.fi

Phone 09 615400

Opening hours Museum of Moving Image has closed its exhibition in Kalasatama 4th of June 2015.

Entrance fee Free entry