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All Finns who went to school in the old days will remember reading poems from the Tales of Ensign Stål, written by Johan Ludvig Runeberg. They will also remember statues of Runeberg, which were found in almost every school.

Runeberg’s memory was cherished after his death. Thanks to this, the family’s items have been preserved extremely well, down to shopping receipts and Fredrika’s unfinished knitted sock. The house looks exactly like it did in the Runebergs’ days.

The Runeberg family home is a typical 1850s bourgeoisie home. The furniture represents the late Empire, i.e., Biedermeier style. The home exhibits a number of paintings by contemporary artists like Marcus Larson as well as sculptures by Runeberg’s son Walter. A room with fox skins includes a selection of hunting weapons used by the head of the house, and the shelves of the kitchen cupboard are full of porcelain and cast-iron kitchen utensils.

The museum’s cosy atmosphere is augmented by house plants, which Fredrika liked to take care of. In the summer, the scents of roses, mock orange and fruit trees waft through the garden.

Address Aleksanterinkatu 3, 06100 Porvoo

E-mail runeberg(at)

Phone +358 40 489 9900

Opening hours
2.5. – 31.8.
Mon–Sun 10 -16
1.9. – 30.4.
Wed-Sun 10 – 16

Entrance fee
Adults 8 €
Children (7 – 17 years) free
Groups minimum 10 persons 6 € per person
During summer entrance also to Walter Runeberg’s Sculpture Collection

Guidance by appointment