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First exhibitions of the new Helsinki City Museum, opening near the Senate Square in 13 May 2016, has been published. In May, the internationally renowned Museum of Broken Relationships will be exhibited for the first time in Finland. The new museum will also showcase Helsinki Bites, an updated Children’s Town, as well as journeys to the past in the Time Machine.
Personal experiences and everyday life of people in Helsinki are highlighted and reflected by the museum’s items and photographs. Milk jars from the childhood, an Anttila catalogue from grandma’s times and a photograph of the nearby mall are valuable treasures in the museum.
The new museum does not consist of exhibitions alone. “We have tried to create a museum that can be used in many different ways. When we open in May, you can drop in for a cup of coffee, to work or to have a packed lunch in the courtyard, while experiencing the museum. Pop over whenever you like!” says Museum Director Tiina Merisalo.
Broken hearts and your own Helsinki
What should you do with memories that you don’t want to keep but can’t really throw away either? The internationally renowned Museum of Broken Relationships is one option. The Museum of Broken Relationships consists of items donated anonymously and the related separation stories. The collection of items for the Helsinki exhibition runs from 2 February to 11 March 2016. 
Another exhibition opening in May, Helsinki Bites, dives into the past of Helsinki, bringing up common memories about the city’s history. You can, for example, visit a home from the 1950’s or admire the 90-year-old miniature model of Helsinki in 1878.
Children’s Town is coming back
The city’s oldest building, the Sederholm House, will be brought back to life by the youngest citizens again as Children’s Town opens up as a part of the new museum. In the Children’s Town, Helsinki’s past is illustrated by means of play and activities. The best parts, such as Grandmother’s House from the 1970’s, the Sederholm Store and the elementary school class are still kept, but there’s also lots of new things to see.
The new museum will also house the Time Machine, a space into which anyone can enter and experience the Helsinki of the past. The space utilising the newest technology attracts the eyes and the ears, while surrounding the visitor with history that has come to life.

Address Aleksanterinkatu 16, 00170 Helsinki

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Opening hours Mon–Fri 11–19 Sat–Sun 11–17

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