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Lasten kaupunki

The oldest building in the city has opened its doors to children. On the ground floor, visitors may try out the work of a merchant, craftsman or sailor in an 18th century setting. Old time lessons are organised in the classroom upstairs. The cosy building provides the opportunity to go back to your childhood, visit a 1970s-style home of grandparents and get a taste of various teaching methods of the past.

In the Children’s Town, children can begin to learn through play that life was quite different in olden times. Even adults might discover their inner child and find themselves scribbling on a writing slate, dialling a number on an old telephone – and be transported to the forgotten childhood years.

The Sederholm House, located in the corner of the Senate Square, is a charming reminder of 18th century Helsinki. The oldest building in the city centre was completed in 1757. It was built by a wealthy merchant named Johan Sederholm in order to serve as his home and place of business.

Address Aleksanterinkatu 16, 00100 Helsinki

E-mail kaupunginmuseo(at)hel.fi

Phone +358 9 3103 6529

Opening hours The museum is closed due to renovations and reopens 13.5.2016.

Entrance fee Free entry