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Ruiskumestarin talo

Enter the yellow gate, and you will be treated to a view of the middle-class life of the historical Helsinki and the oldest remaining wooden building in its original place in the inner city. The Burgher’s House was built in the 1810s. 
Fire Officer Alexander Wickholm purchased the house in 1859, moving in with his wife, Erika, and their three children. The movable property of the Wickholms was later auctioned, but the rooms have been decorated according to the estate inventory in order to convey the city’s middle-class life of the 1860s. 
The Biedermeier furniture in the salon and the four-poster bed in the bed chamber are typical of the period’s middle-class decoration trends. The rye bread hanging on the poles and the samovar create a cosy atmosphere.
The outbuilding exhibits the conservation history of the Burgher’s House, including a look into the numerous layers of wallpaper in the house. The skilfully restored buildings provide a view into the life of the Fire Officer’s family and the historical wood buildings of Helsinki!

Address Kristianinkatu 12, 00170 Helsinki

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Opening hours Closed due to renovation.

Entrance fee Free entry