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Brofogdas is a former military residence whose oldest wooden section dates from the late 18th century. The building was moved to its current location in the mid-19th century and extended with a baking room. It hosts a small special museum whose collections cover a period from the 19th century to the war years of 1939–1944.
The special museum is maintained by the homestead association in co-operation with war veterans’ associations. The building is owned by the municipality. Under the ridge of the roof is the Dugout Corner, where you can admire handicrafts made by soldiers in their spare time or learn more about the Swedish allotment system.
The Cornet’s Room displays uniforms worn by dragoons and the cavalry in the time when horses were an integral part of the army. The exhibition is enlivened by decorated diplomas and photographs of soldiers. Also displayed is a selection of beautiful medals.

Address Lukkarinpolku 5, 07800 Lapinjärvi

Phone +358 19 614 540 Helge Rosas

Opening hours By appointment

Entrance fee Voluntary entrance fee