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Paikkari Cottage

Paikkarin Torppa

The collector of folklore and the compiler of Kalevala, Elias Lönnrot (1802-1884) was born in Paikkari Cottage in the village of Haarjärvi. It was built around the year 1800 in the grounds of Paikkari military residence by his father, who was a tailor. The cottage was acquired by the state in 1889. The house consists […]

Lammintalo – the last home of Elias Lönnrot


Elias Lönnrot’s (1802-1884) last home, Lammi Farmstead, is located in Haarjärvi village in Sammatti, only four kilometers from Paikkari Cottage. The main building is a fascinating combination of an old smoke cabin and a 19th century upper-class home. The artefacts contained in the house are typical of the time, and some of them belonged to Elias […]

Johannes Lohilampi Museum

Johannes Lohilammen museo

Lohilampi Museum is a cavalry estate originating in the 18th century. The two storey main residence is thought to be from the 1770s, and stands in its original place of construction. The museum holds a comprehensive collection of rustic country-style effects as collected by the farmer, financier and cultural authority Johannes Lohilampi (1866 – 1938). The […]