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Askolan kotiseutumuseo

Askola is one of Finland’s oldest places of residence. The diverse archaeological collection has been turned into an impressive prehistoric section. The museum also has a map of Askola 10,000 years ago, depicting the arrival of the first people in the area.

Askola is famous for its bread: in the late 19th century, rye bread was the most important product of the area. The exhibition uses photographs and artefacts to illustrate the whole process from sowing the grain to selling the bread on the market. In addition to agricultural items, the museum also exhibits equipment related to building, hunting and log driving.

The museum has something for everyone. You may take a look at old vehicles, like horse carts and sleighs. A local banquet table is highly favoured by visitors. One of the most interesting items on display is a wooden bicycle from the early 20th century.

The museum was opened in a granary in 1972. Maintained by Askola-seura Association, the museum’s permanent exhibition was totally rebuilt at the turn of the millennium.

Address Nalkkilantie 4, 07500 Askola (beside the Church)

Phone +358 40 5116 191, +358 19 529 100 (Municipality of Askola)

Opening hours June-August Sun 11-14

Entrance fee: Free entrance

Guiding: Guidance by appointment