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Kirvun pitäjämuseo

In Mäntsälä, in the granary of the church hill is the Kirvu Parish Museum, which tells the story of the parish that was lost to the Soviet Union during the Second World War. Many migrated from Kirvu to the Mäntsälä region when Finland ceded South Karelia to the Soviet Union.
The museum contains a large collection of photographs and information on the parish of Kirvu, particularly its felt factories and the Kirvu Spa, which was founded in 1911. The spa, which provided water treatment and vegetarian food, was renowned for its famous guests. The museum also includes belongings and written notes by the Kirvu-born minister Juho Niukkanen.
The collection consists of the objects of individuals and families with strong emotional ties with their former home region. Researchers have access to extensive archives regarding the Kirvu area.

Address Kirkonmäellä, Vanha Porvoontie, 04600 Mäntsälä

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