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Elias Lönnrot’s (1802-1884) last home, Lammi Farmstead, is located in Haarjärvi village in Sammatti, only four kilometers from Paikkari Cottage. The main building is a fascinating combination of an old smoke cabin and a 19th century upper-class home.

The artefacts contained in the house are typical of the time, and some of them belonged to Elias Lönnrot. One can sense the spirit of Lönnrot’s time in the house as well as in the garden. The historic road leading to the house is an experience in itself – it was built on the request of Lönnrot and crosses the hill of Pekkari, which peaks at 127m. A bus taking this route is not permitted to be longer than 12,5m.

Lönnrot lived at Lammintalo 1876 – 1884. Lönnrot’s third masterpiece, the 1880 Finnish-Swedish dictionary was one of the works completed at Lammintalo. The building is the second only to be protected by building conservation laws due to the connection to a historically important person. The first was the home of J.L.Runeberg.

The main building and the surrounding yard has been classified as valuable on a national level. Lammintalo was the first building acquired by the Finnish Cultural Heritage Foundation. The farmstead was donated to the foundation by the Sampo Society in 1987.

Address: Lammintie 399, Sammatti

Opening Hours: 11.6.-21.8. 2016 Sat -Sun 12-17.

Enquiries: +358-(0)40-5544235

Entrance Fee: 3 € /2.