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Up until the mid-1950s, tuberculosis was a common illness as a result of which thousands of Finns died every year. Mjölbollstad Sanatorium Museum gives an account of the treatment of, specifically, pulmonary tuberculosis. The museum is housed in Mjölbolsta hospital in Karis, where the main building was constructed in 1931 as a sanatorium for the Swedish speaking and bilingual municipalities in Uusimaa.

The exhibition gives a detailed account of the illness and treatment options at Mjölbollstad Sanatorium during 1931-1962. Medical devices, other equipment, furniture and artefacts are mainly original. The exhibition begins at the tuberculosis bureau, which was the patient’s first point of call at the sanatorium. Subsequently, examination methods and devices are introduced. Time spent in rehabilitation was often lengthy, on average 7-8 months. Standard care consisted of the so called sanatorium cure, which implied rest in the “hall”, nutritious food and clean and dry air. An operating room, a patient room and a “hall” with patient chairs have been reconstructed for the exhibition. Finally, there is a presentation of the activities of the patient association.

Address: Högbenintie 30, Karjaa

Opening Hours: The museum is closed until further notice.

Enquiries: +358-(0)19-278 6887

email: lenitha.koponen@folkhalsan.fi

Entrance Fee: Free entrance