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In the 1960s, the municipality of Ruotsinpyhtää received a farm named Gräggas as a donation. Dating from the late 18th century, the main building was moved to its current location in the 1880s. The museum area also features a balcony-access outbuilding, a shed and a smoke sauna, all including a wide variety of objects. The museum yard is located on a small, naturally beautiful hill.

The collection is fairly extensive: collected in the 1960s, the items represent the entire municipality, not just the Gräggas farm. The museum includes artefacts related to most farm activities in the 19th century. Particularly well represented are women’s domestic work, including milking, butter and cheese production as well as textile work.

Address Höjmossantie 4, 07980 Kuninkaankylä, Loviisa

E-mail jaana.toivari-viitala(at)

Phone +358 40 660 4517, ?358 44 450 5009, +358 440 555 357

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Tue-Sun 11-16

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Free entrance

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