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Visit the attractive villa on the Tuusula Lake Road (Tuusulan Rantatie) to learn about the history of the Lotta Svärd organization!

The Lotta Museum recounts the difficult wartime years, when women’s role in voluntary nursing, food supply, equipment maintenance, communication and fund-raising work was instrumental in helping the country to come through. The Lottas were active both during war and peace, and the museum displays an interesting array of objects from a wartime telephone exchange to a jewel-inlaid bridal crown.

The everyday field work of a Lotta is illustrated in the exhibition outdoors. The fountain and the spider-shaped gate of the splendid garden are reminiscent of the previous magnificent history of Syväranta.

The modern exhibition with multi video presentations offers various dramatised and narrative tours. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee from special Lotta coffee cups with homemade pastries at the Lotta Café.

Address Rantatie 39, 04310 Tuusula

E-mail info(at)lottamuseo.fi

Phone +358 9 274 1077

Opening hours
Tue, Thu–Sun 11–18, Wed 11–19

Wed 11–19, Thu–Sun 11–17

Entrance fee
Adults 6 €
Students and senior citizens 5 €
Conscripts 1 €
Children (7-18 years) 1 €

Guided tour 30 € per group + tickets

Booking and info:
Tel: +358 (0)9 274 1077
email: info[a]lottamuseo.fi
fax: +358 (0)9 274 1024