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The museum incorporates seven buildings: A residential dwelling (1850), an old barn, a storage shed, a storage building with a loft, a smithy, a drying barn and the old village grain store (ca 1790). The dwelling contains a living room and a chamber interior from the late 19th century, and a great hall where themed exhibitions are arranged during the summer. In the storage building, there various items on display, mainly relating to weaving and textile care. There are over 2500 catalogued items at the museum.

There is also an open air events venue with a stage and seating for 800. The museum is maintained by Tenala Martha Association.

Address: Pitäjäntie 7, Tenhola

Opening Hours: 24.6.-2.8.2015 Wed-Sun 12-18 and in the summer during events or by arrangement

Enquiries: +358-(0)400-928 562 (Anne-Maj Wikström) or 050-5390263 (Gun Lundsten), e-mail: gunkjell(at)