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The Grain Store Museum


The Grain Store Museum describes the various processes involved in crop farming and the use of the grain store. The building was constructed in 1811, and the exhibitions are assembled in the impressive old grain containers. The museum constitutes part of Vihti Museum. Grain Store Museum information leaflets can be collected at Vihti Museum’s Pikkupappila […]

Vihti Museum

Vihdin museo

Vihti Museum is a cultural history museum with the aim of collecting, researching, storing and exhibiting examples of the local culture in the area.Vihti museum opened in 1988 in the former chaplain residence, Pikkupappila. The museum consists of a ticket office and two permanent exhibitions. One of the exhibitions shows how the surroundings have changed […]

The Evacuation Museum


The Evacuation Museum is based at Niuhala old village school. The exhibition tells the story of residents of Heinjoki on the Karelian Isthmus (part of Finnish Karelia which became Russian territory after the Second World War) who were evacuated and relocated to Vihti during the Second World War. It describes the former Heinjoki: The nature, […]