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The Grain Store Museum


The Grain Store Museum describes the various processes involved in crop farming and the use of the grain store. The building was constructed in 1811, and the exhibitions are assembled in the impressive old grain containers. The museum constitutes part of Vihti Museum. Grain Store Museum information leaflets can be collected at Vihti Museum’s Pikkupappila […]


Vantaan maatalousmuseo

There is a place near Vantaankoski Rapids where you can see a hundred-year-old thresher and a horse-driven library carriage! The falu red building of Vantaa Agricultural Museum conceals a piece of the region’s agrarian past. The museum unveils the secrets of a creamer, the operating principle of millstones and the abundant tools of the village […]


Sipoon maatalousmuseo

The agricultural museum gives you an idea of how land has been farmed throughout centuries and how each season has brought different tasks, always centring on the horse. Among other things, you will find a coach, saw and transport tools, various harrows and ploughs as well as newer sowing and harvesting machines. One of the […]

Gårdskulla Agricultural Museum

Gårdskullan maatalousmuseo

Gårdskulla Agricultural Museum gives a good overview of life on a farm spanning the last hundred years. There is a particular emphasis on the development of mechanised agriculture, with over 100 tractors from 1920s – 1960s on display along with a large number of other farm machinery. An Arbor chainsaw from 1916, an Oliver Grain […]