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G. F. Stockmann, who had moved from Germany to Finland, established a store carrying his name in Helsinki in 1862. The department stores of Stockmann in the centre of Helsinki have been landmarks and symbols of urban culture for the local people for over a hundred years. Today, the museum of the company that has expanded abroad operates as an information centre and image archive, retaining material related to Stockmann.

Publications and announcements have been collected since the 1860s. There is plenty or material relating to, in particular, advertising, consumption, the operations of department stores as well as urban culture. Some of the material is in electronic format.

The museum’s collections also include objects from the long history of the company. Interesting examples include Stockmann’s first, beautifully decorated till machine, a peculiar shoe x-ray machine and a bicycle from the 1880’s brought to Finland by Karl Stockmann, the son of Stockmann’s founder G. F. Stockmann.

Address Kutomotie 1 C, 00380 Helsinki

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