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Siuntio Homestead Museum consists of an old school building, two storage sheds, a coach house, a log cabin, “Petroff’s cottage” and the caretaker’s house. The main building, Fredriksberg old school house, contains interior and item exhibitions. There are themes connected to the displays such as the lease period of Porkkala, Mona Leo’s dolls and prehistoric Siuntio.

The log cabin contains an interior and a display of country style items. In Petroff’s cottage, the complete set of dentistry equipment originating from the dentist’s surgery operating in the building 1930-1987 can be viewed.

Near the museum, on a hill called Krejansberget, there are five impressive bronze age cairns with information boards. A path leads up the hill from the museum. There are wide ranging views from the top of the hill over the valley below where the church and Svidja castle are located.

The museum was reconstructed in its current location after the war. The original museum location was Fanjunkars homestead, which was destroyed during the Porkkala lease period. Fanjunkars has subsequently been rebuilt, and is today maintained by the Pro Fanjunkars foundation, with the objective of preserving the works of the author Alexis Kivi and the memory of Charlotta Lönnqvist.

Address: Pappilantie 22 b, Siuntio

Opening Hours: May – Sept: Sat – Sun 14.00 – 17.00. Also by arrangement.

Enquiries: +358-(0)9-256 1113, +358-(0)40-740 6538

Entrance Fee: 2 €