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The Rinnekoti Association, which provides care and rehabilitation to people with disabilities, also runs two museums showcasing the work of helping developmentally challenged people.

In 1927, the Deaconess Institute admitted two severely disabled boys at the request of Sister Aino, who was working at the facility at the time. This was the beginning of Rinnekoti, which, due to insufficient space, was transferred ten years later to its current location, the Skogby farm in Espoo.

The Muistola building contains an exhibition showcasing the history of Rinnekoti with a focus on the lives of the carers and those who received care. The inventive standing skis and button-up dolls depict the treatment and rehabilitation provided for the children. The everyday lives of workers of Rinnekoti are portrayed by the small interiors with furniture and educational instruments.

The adjacent building is the former home of the former long-time director of Rinnekoti, Sister Aino Miettinen, which has been turned into a museum. The exhibition contains her former work dresses and personal belongings.

Address Rinnekodintie 10, 02980 Espoo

E-mail anne.honkanen(at)

Phone 09 8551 440

Opening hours By Appointment

Entrance fee Free entry