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A branch of Porlammi Museum, Sirén House Museum is located about half a kilometre from the actual museum area. The house museum was built in the 1870s as a peasant croft with one room and a kitchen. A second room was added to the croft in the early 20th century.

There used to be a row of several outbuildings in the yard: a sauna, a shed, cowsheds and a barn. They were demolished in the 1950s due to their bad condition, but the two outbuildings on the other side of the yard still remain. The smaller of these, the meat storehouse, was brought to the site by Matti Sirén from Artjärvi when he bought this Vestman farm in Porlammi. Matti Sirén lived on the farm until the 1960s. His daughter Aino also lived there in the final years. Matti’s grandchildren rented the farm buildings to the museum in 1965, and the remaining furnishings, partially from the late 19th century, became the museum’s property.

In 1995, Porlammi Museum bought the buildings and the yard. More recently, the furnishings of the house museum have been supplemented in the spirit of the early 20th century. The yard features a well, a village swing and a board swing.

Address Käkikoskentie 151, 07820 Porlammi

E-mail museo(at)

Phone +358 50 401 7966 Mervi Vuorinen

Opening hours
June and August
Sun 12-13 or by appointment
Sun 13-14 or by appointment

Entrance fee Adults 2€ Children 1€

By appointment