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The Prestbacka farm collection is located in an old stone cowhouse built in 1901. It houses an extensive collection of horse- and tractor-drawn tools. For example, the horse-drawn manure spreader forged by the village smith is a specimen of skill that was used as a model for spreaders used even today.

The old tools, wooden ploughs, sleighs and carts are exhibited in the condition in which they were left by their owners and users. The equipment has not been refurbished or polished – all tools are in their original condition. The collection also includes a large number of domestic furniture and small items, hand tools and dishes.

Askola’s first pharmacy was established by pharmacist Lasse Vallasvaara in 1949. The pharmacy collection includes furniture and items from Askola’s first pharmacy, pharmacy bottles and other containers as well as tools that were used to manufacture medicines in the back room.

Built in the 1840s in the late Empire style, the main building of Prestbacka Manor is protected under the Building Protection Act.

Address Lassbackantie 35, 07590 Huuvari, Askola

E-mail merja.anttila(at)

Phone +358 400 804 883

Opening hours Open throughout the year by appointment

Entrance fee Adults 3 €

Guiding By appointment