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The brick garrison in Kruunuhaka’s Liisankatu provides visitors with a view of the history of Finland’s military, weapons and the defence forces.

The Manege exhibition in Suomenlinna Sea Fortress presents the history of Finland´s military and the Finnish soldier from the 17th century to modern times. Visitors get to try on the military equipment and experience their service life.

Suomenlinna’s collection also includes the submarine Vesikko, where visitors are able to experience the tight working environment of the submarine crews of the Second World War.

Military Museum´s exhibition in Kruununhaka district: Liisankatu 1, 00170 Helsinki
Military Museum´s Manege: Iso Mustasaari C77 (Suomenlinna fortress islands) 00190 Helsinki
Submarine Vesikko, Susisaari B79 (Suomenlinna fortress islands) 00190 Helsinki

E-mail sotamuseo(at)

+358 (0)299 530 259 (Kruununhaka)
+358 (0)299 530 261 (Military Museum´s Manege)
+358 (0)299 530 260 (Submarine Vesikko)

Opening hours
Main exhibition “From Hakkapeliittas to Peacekeepers” (Centre of Helsinki):
Tue–Thu 11–17, Fri–Sun 11–16

Military Museum´s Manege (Suomenlinna):
daily 11–18

Submarine Vesikko (Suomenlinna):
daily 11–18

Entrance fee
Adults 5 €
Children, students, retired 3 €
Family ticket 12 €.
Free entry: children under 7, veterans, conscripts

Guidance by appointment