Kellokosken sairaalamuseo

In the grounds of Kellokoski Hospital stands a blue wooden house where you can learn about the forms of care and treatment of mentally ill people. There are some shocking items on display, such as an electric shock machine, straitjacket and surgical items used in lobotomy surgery.

The museum exhibition sheds light on the lives of the staff and patients as well as the operations of the hospital during the war years. There are personal items on display that used to belong to some legendary residents.

Items and art objects made by patients in work therapy sessions as well as old furniture, aluminium dishes and art deco lamps designed by Paavo Tynell tell their story of the ascetically beautiful everyday life in the hospital.

In the summer you can walk through the cultural trail in the hospital premises and see the princess statue dedicated to all patients and the old chapel.

Address Vanha Valtatie 198, 04500 Kellokoski

Phone +358 50 3250 187 (Kirsi Muje)

Opening hours By Appointment

Entrance fee
Admission fee 5 €
Groups 50 € (max. 20 persons)