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Dragoon Anders Hurtig (1770–1848) fought in wars in 1788–90 and in 1808–1809. In 1809, the Swedish allotment system was abolished in Finland, and Hurtig got to continue living in the cabin with his family as an ordinary crofter. The current furniture was collected from other farms in the village. The farm includes a smoke sauna and herb garden.
The old croft and the partially overgrown garden exude peace that is rarely found these days. At the same time, we can imagine what the cabin looked like two centuries ago, with three adults and six children living in a 29-square-metre house. The croft and the small yard were full of people, and every blade of grass that could feed the horse and the other animals was used.
How did the people survive the cold winter in the draughty cabin, with the wood-burning stove as the only heat source, and how did they get the daily food for the entire family and all their animals from a small patch of field? The family had it better than many other crofters. The father had been a dragoon, and hanging on the wall were his fine blue and gold uniform and his handsome black hat, which he donned when he set out for war.

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