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Through the windows of this castle of a log building, a lovely view opens of an impressive cliff and the waves on the lake. Deeply impressed by the landscape around Tuusula Lake Road, the painter Pekka Halonen saw it a fitting location for his studio home, which was completed in 1902.

Pekka Halonen is known for his depiction of the Finnish landscape and vernacular life. Today, Halosenniemi (Cape Halonen) is an art museum showcasing Halonen’s works, with special exhibitions reflecting his art against contemporary art or the works of later artists.

Halosenniemi is also one of the famous artists’ homes located around Lake Tuusulanjärvi. Restored to its original state, the house tells the tale of Pekka and Maija Halonen’s family and the famous Tuusula Lake Road artists’ community, who made the studio their living room.

The studio home is a Gesamtkunstwerk , where the execution of every little detail down to oven doors was supervised by Pekka Halonen. Nature’s full magnificence is visible in the garden, restored to how it was in the days of Pekka and Maija Halonen.

Address Halosenniementie 4–6, 04310 Tuusula

E-mail halosenniemi(at)

Phone +358 9 8718 3461, +358 9 8718 3466

Opening hours
2.1.–30.4. Tue–Thu, Sat–Sun 12–17
1.5.–31.8. Tue–Sun 11–18
1.9.–30.9. Tue–Sun 12–17
1.10.–8.12. Tue–Thu, Sat–Sun 12–17

Entrance fee
Adults 6 €
Pensioners, students 5 €
Children 12–18 years 2 €
Childern 0–11 years free entry

Guidance by appointment
Guiding 30 €