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The elegant telephone centre building in Töölö exhibits a huge number of telephones, switchboards run by telephone operators and a genuine telephone box!
The museum’s collections cover the entire range of telecommunications technology from the company’s early days as Helsinki Telephone Association to today’s Elisa Corporation. In addition to old ornamental models, the exhibits include a special telephone used by President Kekkonen, the Mobira ‘Gorba’ mobile phone and many other oddities.
The first automatic telephone exchange in the Nordic countries was launched in Töölö in 1922 and is still in operational condition. Four telephones connected to the exchange can be used to make calls within the museum and see the voice running along the lines. The operation of the telephone network is also illustrated by means of telephone poles and cables.
The nostalgic technology, old telephone directories and the opportunity to step inside a telephone box the likes of which can no longer be seen in the city, guarantee an enjoyable journey through the rapid changes which have taken place in Helsinki and the telecommunications technology.

Address Runeberginkatu 43, 00100 Helsinki

E-mail anna.savikko(at)

Phone +358 50 511 2889 (Anna Savikko)

Opening Hours By Appointment

Entrance fee 5 €