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A croquant-adorned banquet table, cannonballs and one dark basement taken over by a secret society give the visitor a glimpse of 18th-century life in Suomenlinna.
The Ehrensvärd Museum operates in the former home of the constructor of the Viapori fortress, Field Marshal Augustin Ehrensvärd. In this museum bearing his name, the cultural atmosphere of the era is reflected in the paw-legged chairs and charming portraits. The ship models, weapons and skilled drawings and paintings stand as proof of the sea battles and defence history of the fortress.
Be sure to descend the stairs to the dark basement, which is where the executioner with his coffin and a secret society from centuries back convened.
There is a small sales point at the ticket office where you can buy topic-related literature and souvenirs. A larger museum shop can be found at walking distance.
The Ehrensvärd Museum is open in the summer.

Address Suomenlinna B 40, 00190 Helsinki

E-mail guidebooking(at)

Phone +385 9 6841 850

Opening hours: May 10:30-16, June-August 11-18, September 11-16

Entrance fee
Adults 3 €
Children 1 €