The hundred-year history of co-operative banks comes alive in the Co-operative Bank Museum’s exhibition combining multimedia walls, photographs and nostalgic exhibits. A tour of the museum, divided into four sections, interweaves the bank’s own story with the changes that have taken place in Finland.

Proceeding through the museum, a Karelian evacuee’s cash box and ration cards give way to new products like the cheque machine and many other pieces of office equipment, now with an air of nostalgia.

Naturally, Finnish moneys play a key role in the museum. The spirit of the times can also be witnessed while looking at the advertisement corridor’s amusing posters and the impressive collection of money boxes. In addition to Hippo piggy banks familiar from decades past, the collection features war-time cardboard boxes, a 1960s spaceship and many other contemporary phenomena.

Historic film clips offer entertaining information about the development of the co-operative loan fund first into a retail bank and later into the large corporation that OP-Pohjola is today.

Address Teollisuuskatu 1 F, 00510 Helsinki

E-mail annikki.juntikka(at)op.fi

Phone 010 2522 442

Opening hours By appointment for OP-Pohjola Group’s personnel Also for Groups by appointment

Entrance fee Free entry

Guiding Guiding in Finnish