Ateljeen valoa

In 1879, Albert Edelfelt’s mother Alexandra Edelfelt rented a summer villa by the sea, on Haikko Manor’s land. This became the artist’s summer home, where he spent a total of 26 summers. Edelfelt loved the Porvoo archipelago and its residents, finding them an inexhaustible source of inspiration. To make working easier, he had a studio built near the villa in 1883.

Today, the studio serves as a museum. Albert Edelfelt painted more than 220 paintings in Haikko, many of which were praised in Paris. Edelfelt died in his beloved Haikko in August 1905, at 51 years of age.

Address Edelfeltinpolku 3, 06400 Haikkoo


Phone+358 19 577 414, when the museum is closed +358 40 552 90 83

Opening hours

From middle of May to end of May Tue-Sun 10-14

June-August Tue-Sun 10-16

From beginning of September to middle of September Tue-Sun 10-14

Entrance fee: Adults 4 € Children under 16 years with adults free Groups 3 € per person

Guiding: Free guidance