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The museum consists of an original shop interior (the new store) from the 1960s, and a storage room (the old store), which also retains the original interior. The shop building additionally houses the owner’s family apartment, comprising of 4 rooms and a kitchen. There are two storage buildings adjacent to the main building.

Ahjonsuu General Store operated between 1924 and 1978 in the Hauhula village. Mr Yrjö Ahjonsuu founded the store, and his daughter Salme continued her father’s work. Like most stores in the countryside at the time, the Ahjonsuu shop was a general store selling a wide selection of products. The store was donated to the Pusula-Seura society in 1999 in the final will of Salme Ahjonsuu, on the condition it was kept as a museum. The museum was opened in 2004.

Address: Hauhulantie 119, Nummi-Pusula
Opening Hours: By arrangement
Enquiries: Helinä Kerko +358 (0)9 226 1544, Satu Höglund +358 (0)40 704 2923
Entrance Fee: Guide fee 20 €