President pair
Photo: Sakari Kiuru
August Boman designed the building completed in 1874 and that underwent extensive alterations before Mannerheim's move.

What were the circumstances under which our former presidents lived in the 40s and 70s?
These museums let visitors peek into, for example, Urho Kekkonen’s bathroom and Carl Gustav Mannerheim’s bed chamber. The house call will teach visitors interesting details about the domestic lives of our presidents, as well as the events that took place during their presidential terms. Visitors are also able to learn about Finland’s post-war history and visit an exhibition on Mannerheim’s Asian expedition.
In fact, the museum pair offers a double dose of Mannerheim residences: Tamminiemi, which is mostly known for being Kekkonen’s place of residence, served as the official residence of Mannerheim during 1944–1946. Did Kekkonen’s 25-year tenure in Tamminiemi wipe away all traces of Mannerheim, or can the essence of his era still be felt in the manor?

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Музей Маннергейма
История Финляндии и маршала Маннергейма в очаровательной деревянной вилле 1874 года.

Музей Урхо Кекконена, Тамминиеми
Насладитесь взглядом на жизнь в 1970-х и узнайте о послевоенной истории Финляндии на Вилле Тамминиеми, красивой парковой усадебе, которая была официальной резиденцией президента Урхо Кекконен во время его пребывания в должности.