Bank Pair
Photo: Sakari Kiuru
Situated on Snellmaninkatu near the Bank of Finland, the museum is easy to access, with a tram stop right in the front of the museum, and Helsinki Cathedral being a good landmark.

In this time of online banking, the traditional bank building is becoming increasingly foreign to many people. At the same time, the growing popularity of using credit and debit cards for payment has seen the use of cash diminish.

Visit the museums in the bank pair to reconnect with physical money and the traditional bank environment! In addition to exhibiting old coins and the stylish interior of a bank, the Bank of Finland Museum and the Nordea Bank Museum shed light on the history of Finland’s central bank and commercial banks. Visitors will also find exhibits featuring many historical items related to money and banking.

The two museums in this pair are all about money, but you don’t have to spend any to visit them! Admission to these museums is free, and they are conveniently located within walking distance of each other.

Please contact the Nordea Bank Museum in advance to arrange your visit.

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Музей Банка Финляндии
Интерактивная выставка демонстрирует историю Банка Финляндии, денежной политики и банковского дела, а также графики, используемой в банкнотах.

Музей Банка Нордеа
История финского коммерческого банка в офисе в стиле модерн начала XX-го века, разработанном агентством Геселлиус-Линдгрен-Сааринен.