Life in the city and the country
Kuva: Sakari Kiuru

What tools did the 19th century farmers use? What did the atelier of a 1950s city-dwelling photographer look like?
This boat trip will take you back to the ambiance of the centuries past. The Inkoo Homestead Museum, Gammelgård’s numerous buildings from all over Inkoo, as well as the croft and yard of the Malmtorp Museum provide an accurate view of life and the occupations in the countryside during the 19th and 20th century. The Tammisaari Museum Centre EKTA as well as the Hanko Museum shed light on the colourful history of these coastal towns, as well as the living conditions of the wealthy, city-dwelling bourgeois.
The collection of buildings in the Inkoo Homestead Museum and the Malmtorp Museum includes sheds, granaries and barns. The bourgeois manor in Tammisaari also features various other buildings in addition to the main building. Both the town and countryside buildings had similar purposes, but the difference in construction and decoration is very distinct.
What do you find is the most obvious difference between living in the city and the countryside?

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Malmtorpin talonpoikaismuseo
Условия жизни и труда в сельской местности, а также различные интерьеры с конца XIX до начала XX века.

Inkoon kotiseutumuseo
Здания из Инко дают полное представление о старом традиционном стиле строительства.

Tammisaaren museokeskus EKTA
Здания музейного центра представляют историю города Таммисаари и его окрестностей, жизнь богатого мастера XIX века и рабочее место городского фотографа 1950-х годов.

Hangon museo
Выставки про город Ханко и его историю, расположенные в здании, которое было частью крепости Ханко.