19th Century Rural Life Pair
Kuva: Eva Tordera Nuno

The cottages and granaries of Glims, an old farm in Espoo, and the rustic house of Alisgården take you back to the rural way of life in the 19th century!

With exhibits that feature many everyday objects from the past, these museums offer visitors the opportunity to experience how people lived in the 1800s. Also on display are many tools used by craftsmen and farmers.

While the museums are focused on life in the 19th century, the oldest buildings at both Alisgården and Glims actually date back to the 18th century. Glims, which served as an inn during at least three different periods, still stands at its original location in Bemböle. Once the official residence of a petty officer, Alisgården was moved to its current location from Evitskog in Kirkkonummi.

Step in the cottage of a wealthy farmer, open the door to a petty officer’s residence and breathe in the spirit of the 19th century!

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Управляемый краеведческой ассоциацией Киркконумми, музей состоит из двух зданий конца XIX века: официальной резиденции сержанта Алиса и постройки с фермы Томаса.

Ферма-музей Глимс
Умиротворенная сельская жизнь и традиции постоялого двора на уютной ферме.