Espoo Car Museum

Pakankylä in rural Espoo houses a museum containing over one hundred cars and a number of two-wheel vehicles! All visitors will no doubt find their favourites among the colourful group of sports cars, American cars, famous Eastern European cars as well as various mopeds, motorcycles and bicycles.
Both children and adults will have a good time in the museum, which features special vehicles from miniature cars to the 1934 Plymouth, which Donald Duck’s car was based on. The nostalgic atmosphere is enhanced by car posters, magazines, tools and home appliances such as tube receivers.
The Car Museum exhibits temporary exhibitions and various events, such as flea markets and meeting rides.

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Museum info

Bodomintie 35, 02740 Espoo
+358 9 855 7178
Opening hours
summertime from Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 5pm. On Wednesday 11am to 5 pm. autumntime from Saturday to Sunday 11am to 5pm. For groups special arrangements, also during the winterseason.
Entrance fee
Adults 8 € Children 4 €
Service languages
Service languages (advance booking required)