Lurens Manor dates back to the 17th century. The manor was taken over by the Lindfors family in 1801, and the current main building was constructed by sea captain Jakob Lindfors. The building was later donated to the municipality of Pernaja with the wish of turning it into a children’s home.
In 1964, Östra Nylands Ungdomsförbund was granted the right to use the main building, the outbuilding and the park surrounding these buildings. This was the start of summer theatre operations known throughout Finland’s Swedish-speaking community. The first rotating auditorium of a Swedish-speaking theatre in Finland was built on the grounds of Lurens Manor in 1966 and refurbished in 1982.
The main building was initially used as the theatre’s backdrop, but in 1997, a new building named Löjtnantsgården was constructed for the theatre.

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