Postbacken - Outdoor Museum

Postbacken, situated in the village of Ilola, 9 kilometres from Porvoo, is a real pearl of a museum: the group of hillside crofts is one of the best-preserved in Finland.
The hill was probably inhabited by the 15th century. Therefore, its inhabitants got to follow many of the central events in Finnish history right by the King’s Road. The oldest preserved cabins date from the early 18th century, and in the 19th century, the area became a typical hillside croft area with artisans. Among the people working in Postbacken were a tailor, smith, cobbler and women who plaited straw.
A group of young people interested in the area saved Postbacken and its buildings for posterity in 1968. They renovated the building and started cultural activities in the area. Postbacken soon saw activities like summer theatre, music, handicrafts and a café.
Today, the activities also include guided tours, visits by school classes and various public events. The interiors of the artisans’ cabins are typical of the era, and the buildings in the area also include a straw museum, cobbler’s shop and forge.

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Museum info

Vanha Viipurintie 12, 07280 Ilola, Porvoo
+358 040 6757 275
Opening hours
The coffee hut, the cottages, the art's & craft's shop and the gallery are open from 24.6 - 31.7 from tuesdays to sundays 11-17.
Entrance fee
Entrance to the area is free, the fee for a conducted tour in the cottages, adults 5 €, children 2 €.
Conducted tours in the huts by appointment at the museum or in advance at the address
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