Military Museum

You can get to know the colourful phases of Finnish Military history in the exhibitions of the Military Museum. The exhibitions will take you from the Finnish civil war of 1918 onto the struggles of World War II and on to the 21st century.

The Military Museum has three exhibition locations in Helsinki: Military Museum's Manege, Artillery Manege and submarine Vesikko are all located in Suomenlinna.

In the Military Museum´s Manege and in the Artillery Manege there is an exhibition called Finnish Defence Forces – 100 Years at War and Peace. Submarine Vesikko is an authentic and rare museum location from the World War II era.

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Museum info

Military Museum´s Manege and Artillery Manege: Iso Mustasaari C77 and C81, (Suomenlinna fortress islands) 00190 Helsinki Submarine Vesikko, Susisaari B79 (Suomenlinna fortress islands) 00190 Helsinki
+358 (0)299 530 261 (Military Museum´s Manege)
Opening hours
Military Museum´s Manege and Artillery Manege (Suomenlinna): 2.1.–30.9.2019 daily 11-18 1.10.-31.12.2019 (except 24.-26.12.) daily 11–16-30 Submarine Vesikko (Suomenlinna): 7.5.–30.9.2019 daily 11–18
Entrance fee
Adults 7 € Children, students, retired 4 € Free entry: children under 7, veterans, conscripts
Guidance by appointment
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