Sipoo Schoolmuseum

“On 20 November, the old school building was awakened from its two decades of sleep, almost like the Sleeping Beauty, with Massby School Museum opening its doors in the beautiful building dating back a century. Because the building no longer served as a school at the time of the 100th anniversary in autumn 1996, many former pupils met to exchange memories of the years gone by.” (Translated from the Massby School brochure.)
Furnished in the traditional way, the classroom features desks, a lectern, a harmonium, stall bars and cabinets. The smaller room exhibits schoolwork, notebooks, woodwork and other handicrafts by local pupils.
We hope that this introduction encourages you to visit the museum, either by yourself or together with your class. Pupils may experience the school days of yore by donning an apron or a waistcoat, sitting at the desks and trying their hand at writing with ink.

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Museum info

Mårtensbyvägen 485, Tallmo
+358 400 499281 or +358 50 3605748
Opening hours
By appointment
Entrance fee
Adults 1 € Groups 10 €
Guidance by appointment
Service languages
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