Myrskylä Local Museum

Myrskylä Museum is located in a cultural environment with national significance, in a 19th century granary on the old church hill. A religious centre since the 17th century, the church hill has retained its 19th century appearance. Located at the middle of the church hill and surrounded by the churchyard, the impressive wooden church was built in 1803, and its bell tower dates back to 1772. The old parsonage is located opposite the church.

The granaries were used as loan granaries, where local farmers deposited grains in good crop years and could then loan it out for an interest in years of crop failure. The museum’s collections include the loan granary’s original grain measures and documents on grain loans.

The collection of museum, situated in the rural parish of Myrskylä, chiefly consists of seasonal utensils and tools. Compilation of the objects began in the early 1960s, and most of them date from the 19th and early 20th century.

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Keskustie 5, 07600 Myrskylä
+358 40 5969856 or +358 19 510 850
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June-August Sun 11.30-14.30 Also for groups
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