Museum chamber of the Church of Mäntsälä

The museum chamber of the Church of Mäntsälä offers an interesting view of the past. Objects such as the blessed sand bowl, the bench of shame and the funeral procession stave all shed light on the history of the parish that was founded over 400 years ago.
The present brick church of Mäntsälä, which was built in 1866, contains an altarpiece Adoration of the Shepherds by the German artist Bernharnd Reinhold. The painting is one few altarpieces in Finnish churches depicting the birth of Christ. The nave also features a gilded bronze chandelier, which was originally donated to the Koivisto Church left on the Russian side of the border.
The church, the cemetery for the war dead, the museum room’s sculpture from the late middle ages, the coffer for the poor and other mementos from the past showcase the history of the parish of Mäntsälä, as well as the area, in a memorable way.

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Vanha Porvoontie 8, 04600 Mäntsälä
019 5607 541
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The church is open during summers as a road church. Otherwise by appointment. Info and booking Mäntsälä church registry office (019) 5607 500.
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Free entry
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