Lagstad School Museum

The falu red village school will entertain adults and children alike! In the classroom of Espoo’s oldest school, you can have a go at writing with a quill, learn to calculate on the abacus, or admire colourful old educational pictures.
Creaking stairs lead up to the second-floor museum rooms, where the walls have been restored to reveal old layers of wallpaper. The large food canisters and pupils’ tableware recall the times when school meals consisted of barley gruel and similar dishes.
The twin school desk dating back a century, the map from the Russian era and the harmonium whisk visitors to years past. On display are old ABC books and nostalgic educational pictures of flora and fauna. 
The outbuilding once served as the teacher’s abode. Today it gives visitors an opportunity to write on a slate blackboard and admire old sports and teaching equipment.
The oldest school building in Espoo was a place of instruction until 1954. Now the school museum allows you to marvel at the old or revise what you once learned!

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Museum info

Vanha Lagstadintie 4, 02770 Espoo
+358 40 843 4903 (Esbo hembygdsförening r.f.)
Opening hours
Tue 14–18 and for groups by appointment Closed during the summer break period
Entrance fee
Free entry
Free guidance by appointment Booking and information tel. +358 40-843 4903 (Esbo hembygdsförening r.f.).
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